Tai Chi

             With Jeanette Shelburne

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Balance - Research has shown that by practicing Tai Chi the rate of falls in seniors is reduced up to 47.5%.

Posture - Tai Chi movements works with posture by improving postural alignment, awareness and ability to maintain a neutral posture while one is performing activities.

Breathing - The TaiChi programs includes comprehensive relaxation exercises for asthma relief and overall good health.

Musculature - TaiChi exercises relaxes and tones the muscles, hence, increases muscle strength without the risk of straining or damaging the muscle or the dedicated connecting tissues. The bone strength is also maintained because Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise.

Eases pain and stiffness - for example, from arthritis.

Stress Reduction - Tai Chi is very effective in bringing relaxation, balance and harmony between body and mind which can reduce the stress hormones in the body. Tai Chi uses calming, structured movements to counteract the stress of living in today's fast society. An over-stressed mind makes errors and interferes with the healthy functioning of the body. Your mind and body will begin to rest thoroughly in the tranquil state that comes with Tai Chi practice. Improved sleep and overall sense of wellness can result.

Mental Concentration and Brain Fitness - In tai chi practice, it is considered important to concentrate; put aside distracting thoughts; and breathe in a deep, relaxed, and focused manner. Complex movement sequences also challenge and develop the mind.

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