With Jeanette Shelburne

Introduction to Yoga Class

Yoga was developed in India thousands of years ago to promote peace of mind, well-being and longevity. Yoga means "union"-- a natural balance of body and mind. It coordinates movements with breath, imagery, and self-awareness. Yoga works with the body's energy systems, called "chakras." Many of the poses are named after plants, animals and other phenomena in the natural world. These images serve as helpful metaphors to describe the physical movements, and also develop an appreciation that we are a part of nature.

Yoga is excellent for expanding breathing capacity, posture, flexibility, circulation, increasing bone density, self-awareness (which helps prevent falls) and stress reduction. Many classic Yoga postures can be modified to meet the needs of seniors.

Your Instructor:
I received a B.A. in Dance from U.C.L.A. This program was focused on training teachers and I studied Kinesiology for a full year. I began the study of Yoga with Dr. Marva Spelman as a Dance Therapy course at U.C.L.A. I continued as her student in her private studio and served as a teaching assistant for a number of years. I then taught Dance, Yoga and Gymnastics at Harvard-Westlake School for seven years. I've continued studying and practicing Yoga on a daily basis for thirty years. I'm also currently a Tai Chi student of Master Kai Ying Tung.

Safety Guidelines

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